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Career Advice


1m 11s

Persiapan Wawancara Kerja dengan Profesional


1m 11s

Waktunya Evaluasi Karirmu!


5m 18s

CV Inggris vs Indonesia - Vina Muliana


3m 42s

Siapin Diri Pas Dipanggil Interview


3m 37s

Perluas Networking-mu Di Mana Saja!



4m 29s

Dibantuin Vina: Nego Gaji


3m 00s

Tips & Trik Negosiasi Gaji


11m 47s

Gaji Fantastis Profesi Programmer


8m 24s

Kampus Top Gak Jamin Gaji Gede?



1m 55s

Coding Adalah Seni Memecahkan Masalah


5m 32s

Apa pekerjaan programmer sebenarnya?


0m 59s

Kenalan sama Computer Science


14m 32s

Tips Jago Programming Dari Ahlinya


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seekMAX is a new learning content platform on JobStreet’s mobile app. seekMAX focuses on providing free, bite-sized learning videos and online courses for you to learn new skills on-the-go. To start learning on seekMAX, download the JobStreet app on  IOS or Android.

seekMAX is currently available in Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia.

seekMAX is part of the JobStreet mobile app. It’s available across both Android and iOS phones.

Download the JobStreet mobile app to access seekMAX on iOS or Android

Download the JobStreet mobile app to access seekMAX on iOS or Android

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How to use seekMAX

With the latest Jobstreet app, seekMAX can be accessed from a banner at the Home screen.

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seekMAX is available in English & Indonesia

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All the learning videos and online courses on seekMAX are free.

You don’t have to register or log in to use seekMAX. If you’re logged in, seekMAX can recommend content based on your preferences, you’ll be able to continue watching videos from where you left off and you are able to comment and post thread on our seekMAX community.

Yes, your personal data in seekMAX is stored within JobStreet and protected with the same stringent security standards.

You won’t be able to download seekMAX content to watch offline for now. We’re working on making this available soon.

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The courses on seekMAX aren’t accredited for now. We’re working with employers to provide credentials in the future.

seekMAX builds on JobStreet’s talent market expertise to bring you exclusive career resources. Grow your skills and career with our free online courses. With industry leaders and career experts providing you with bite-sized learning videos, it’s easy to take your professional skills to the next level.

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