seekMAX Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

JobStreet Admin

⁠Last Updated: 20 Mar 2023

seekMAX is a platform with the objective of connecting users to share and exchange career-related information and experience. The goal is to provide you with the opportunity to learn and grow, hence perform better in your career.

Among others, the platform aims to facilitate discussions and generate contents around:

  • sharing of experience about and tips and tricks for jobs search, career advice and learning and development

  • questions and answers for and insights into different industries and work-related matters

  • inspiration and motivation to perform better and progress in career and life

We want content that is…

  • relevant

  • helpful and beneficial

  • respectful

  • legal

  • true

We do not want content that is…

  • spam in nature

  • harmful and dangerous

  • sexual and violent/aggressive

  • illegal and fraudulent

  • Insensitive and discriminatory

  • related to religion, politics and individual’s sexual identity

  • commercial in nature

  • An infringement of copyrights

When interacting on the platform, take note that your activities are constantly monitored under the prevalent laws and if found to be not within the guidelines, shall be removed without further notice to you. We are at liberty to either freeze your account and /or banning your account thereafter.

We do not verify the truth or accuracy of any comments, reviews and conversation and do not adopt or endorse any of the comments posted on our platform. The comments, reviews and conversations is as per your submission and is posted for what they are worth and for information purposes only.


Examples are not exhaustive and serve as a direction.



Do not use profanities, threats, or violent references or prejudicial, aggressive, or hateful sentiments​.

Sexual language and contents and racism are banned.

Be courteous when providing opinions and feedbacks about ideas, users, individuals and companies; when discussing/reviewing a company, do not highlight or call out individuals by name for criticism.


  • “I do not agree with your view on this topic – I think it’s absurd to think like that”

  • “I don’t think user Y is qualified to provide such insight considering his background”

  • “CEO of company X is not very clear with the company direction”

Not Ok

  • “Company X is f****** rubbish, I am not given recognition for my work

  • “Don’t you dare speak to me like this. I will burn down your house”

  • “How about you and I get a room to continue this conversation”

  • “Nicole S was always difficult, wouldn’t take the time to solve my problems”


Do not promote, buy, or sell products and services.

Do not share vacancy postings in the community or links to job ads/posts from other platforms (non-JobStreet).


  • “Since you are interested in marketing, we are hiring marketing managers at Company X; check out the position on JobStreet here:”

  • “I can guide you on writing your CV, happy to help”

Not Ok

  • “I am a trading guru with 10 years of good track record. I am offering a 50% discount on my trading class to everyone here”

  • “Have you check out this position on LinkedIn:”

  • “The tickets to the concert were sold out within a minute! Anyone here selling their tickets?”


Crime and safety

Coordinating, promoting and committing crimes, including scams and fraud, are not allowed.

Harassment, bullying, suicidal contents and child exploitation are banned.

Not Ok

  • “We don’t need to subscribe to the service, we can download movies from this website for free”

  • “Check out this video of this boy: the way he walks is so funny”

  • “For those who wants to know where he lives, here is his address:”


Integrity and Authenticity

Do not spread misinformation, false and misleading content or spam; only post, comment and create contents that are relevant to the community and/or discussion topics.

Do not create a fake profile or falsify information about yourself. While we allow you to create content anonymously, you should do so responsibly.


  • “With regards to user x’s claims, I can vouch for it as I witness it myself”

  • “I have experience in this field, what you say is true”

Not Ok

  • “Here is my Facebook profile: Let’s connect!

  • “I have no evidence but clearly the vaccine does not work”

  • “Hi”



We encourage meaningful exchanges in our community, such as information and experience sharing as well as peer support.

Do not spam the community with posts and comments that are not relevant to the community.


  • “I have recently completed a course in Data Analytics and would like to share several key learnings with you”

  • “I just got rejected by a tech startup today and this is my 3rd time trying. I’d like to ask for tips & tricks for passing interviews with tech startups”

Not Ok

  • “Hi, here is my Facebook profile: Let’s connect!

  • “I’m bored, is anyone here?”


PII and Copyright Images​

Do not post an image that contains Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Copyright information. Any images containing these details will be flagged and removed by our moderators.​

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) / Copyright information:​

Standalone OR combination of any of the following fields that makes it possible to identify a specific individual​

  • Date of Birth​

  • Gender ​

  • Ethnicity ​

  • Marital Status​

  • General biometric data (e.g. facial images) ​

  • Work & Education history information​

  • Home address

  • Email address ​

  • Social Media contact details​

  • Grievance information​

  • Banking information​

  • Payroll information ​

  • Health information