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Your information is used to support you in your career. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Our purpose is to help people live more fulfilling and productive working lives and help organisations succeed.

Providing information about yourself is an essential part of the job seeking process to help you stand out to employers.

We believe it’s important that you understand how your information is collected, used, protected and how you can manage it when you use Jobstreet.

We only collect information about you and your career

When you interact with the Jobstreet website or app, whether that’s to apply for a role, update your profile, click on an email from Jobstreet, upload a resume or just browse the site, you are providing us with helpful information about you and your career.

The information we collect, including your current role and industry and the types of jobs you’re looking for, help us understand what you’re searching for so that we can support you in reaching your career goals faster.

If you want to know more about the data Jobstreet collects visit Jobstreet's Privacy Policy

Your information is only used to help you find the right job and succeed in your career

The information we collect is used to connect you with the most relevant opportunities and insights tailored to your career. This includes sending you job recommendations that match your skills and experience, presenting your profile to an employer looking for someone just like you or providing you with updates on your job application or the latest trends in your industry.

The protection of your information is our number one priority

Keeping your information safe is something we take seriously at Jobstreet. We have a dedicated local team working tirelessly to keep your information safe and we constantly invest in new technology to stay ahead of the latest developments. We also always keep you in the loop, whether that be a potential delay in your application reaching an employer or if an employer has viewed your profile.

You’re in control of how your information appears on Jobstreet

When it comes to your career, with Jobstreet you’re in control of how you represent yourself to employers.

We give you tools to manage the information you share. This includes the information you add to your Jobstreet Profile as well as what is shown to potential employers.

You can control whether you want to let employers know you’re approachable for job opportunities and can unsubscribe from receiving job recommendations and career advice at any time.

Have more questions?

View Jobstreet's full Privacy Policy here or contact us at any time.