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JobStreet.com HR EVENT Surabaya 2011

When and Where?
Date: Thursday, March 2, 2011  
Venue: Ballroom, Mercure Hotel Surabaya
Address: Jl. Raya Darmo 68-78
Surabaya, 60264, Indonesia
Ph. (62 – 31) 5623000
Topic: Having a Good Corporate Culture to Get the Right Talent
(with SIVA Training)
Time: 08.00AM - 13.00PM  

“Having a Good Corporate Culture to Get the Right Talent”

In today’s current employment conditions, looking for good talent is not easy. Many companies have high turnovers, and they are searching for good talent to fit into their company cultures. Many employers are committed to showcasing and marketing why their organizations are great place to works, but sometimes, this does not reflect the company’s actual culture.

Qualified employees who have high worth will become more selective and look for “qualified companies” that can make them grow their careers. One of the key factors of a “qualified company” is its Good Corporate Culture.

This JobStreet.com HR Event will focus on the concept of Corporate Cultures, and how to manage your recruitment process to get the right talent.

  • Learn from distinguished industry experts and get insights into Good Corporate Cultures.
  • An understanding of Effective Online Recruitment systems that can solve your recruitment problems
  • An opportunity to network with industry peers to share ideas, experiences and make new contacts
Who Should Attend?
  • HR Managers and Executives
  • Recruitment/Hiring Managers
  • Professional and Corporate Recruiters
  • Strategic Business Managers
  • HR Consultants & Practitioners
How To Participate?

  • This event is open to public companies that are invited by JobStreet.com
  • Seats are limited to a maximum 200 participants
  • Registration will be made on a “first come, first served” basis
  • Closing date for registration is February 28, 2011
  • RSVP needed

Come and join our Spectacular Event and get the unforgettable experience!

For more information, contact us at:
PT. JobStreet.com Indonesia
Telp: +62213903218
Fax: +62213903217
E-mail: national-id@jobstreet.com

Download participation form here

Download the event rundown pdf here


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